Transport and Carrying Cases

CalCo has a case to meet virtually every need. Sometimes this is as simple as a soft sided carrying case, while sometimes a rugged behind the scenes ATA type case needs to be fabricated.  Often the container needs to be worthy of carrying into someone’s office and possibly even set upon their desk.  At CalCo, this need is met week after week with a variety of solutions.  Whether you need to ship it through the mail or the case will be riding around in the trunk of your car, CalCo has the right option for you.  These custom cases are custom selected and designed to fit your product specifically and have a history of peak performance.  From slim and elegant to heavy duty work horses, a case from CalCo will impress as well as protect.

CalCo works closely with several case makers who provide us with a variety of products to protect, carry and display your product. We work in any quantity, from one custom case to dozens of cases for regional salespeople, or hundreds for distributor sales or point-of-purchase displays. We offer a multitude of sizes and styles from hand held, soft-sided cases with an embroidered logo or exotic wood briefcases for special gifts or awards to highly durable Pelican and ATA cases with custom cut, dense foam interiors, heavy duty wheels, locks and telescoping handles.  Cases are also available in rugged PVC, aluminum, wood, canvas, plastic and more.  Signage and sales materials can be incorporated into the design of the case and logos can be added to the exterior to prevent loss or theft.

Let us help you decide the right case for your product and customize the interior and exterior to fit your product specifically.   ”Your Product is Our Profession” so let’s make it look good!