Stands and Basemounts


CalCo’s design staff has amassed a large quantity of materials and designs for display bases and stands. We are constantly sourcing new and improved materials best suited to present the image of your company and your products.

Basemounts and stands are one of your most important considerations when creating a product display.  To make your customers focus on your product they need to be able to see the things that make it unique and the proper basemount or stand allows that to happen.

The base has three primary functions:

  1. Enhance the presentation of your product by setting it apart from its surroundings and giving it added dimension.
  2. Help protect your display by keeping it stationary yet approachable.
  3. Help in shipping by securing the item during transit.

CalCo creates all stands and basemounts specifically for your product so it has the proper dimensions and angles for great viewing and we always keep in mind the functions mentioned above.   Stands or basemounts are designed based on your needs and the uses of your product. We have freestanding designs for lobbies and rolling shadowbox designs for trade shows. We have brushed aluminum basemounts for tabletop designs or we can customize a stand like the one above with CalCo’s logo on the base.

Materials for bases and stands vary but some include:

Aluminum:  Generally the best choice for most industrial applications due to its strength, weight and appearance.  We use aluminum that is brushed and urethane clear-coated, anodized or plated depending on the clients needs.

Steel:  Used for large, complex applications which require the strength and flexibilty of a fabricated, welded steel frame.  Steel can be finished with paint or covered with other materials.  Wheels or pallets can aid in handling.

Wood:   Used for lightweight applications.  We primarily use it for awards and small presentations.

Acrylic:  Used as a base for lightweight point-of purchase displays or trade show displays or by itself to replicate a design in acrylic.

Composite Materials:  A number of options are available and can be used to create the look you want for your display.  We can simulate everything from actual terrain to fluid processing.

Other options include special lighting or signage which finish the display.