Permanent Shipping Containers



We have all seen what happens to packages that get shipped through the mail. What about your valuable displays that need to be shipped from show to show?  This cargo can see even more abuse. How can you protect your prized display? With a custom permanent shipping container from CalCo.

CalCo’s steel framed wooden shipping containers are made to measure for your display with felt covered bumpers to hold your display in place and help it from getting damaged during long journeys. Each container is designed from the ground up to fit your project’s particular needs.

Options include:

  • Custom holders for extra parts or literature
  • Multiple products can ship together
  • Drawbridges (for items on rolling stands)- work well for items that are not too heavy and can help make your show set up quick and easy
  • Heavier items or ones not on wheels can be forklifted into the shippers. CalCo also offers c-channel basemounts for your displays to make them even easier to move by forklift.
  • International grade containers- sail through customs by using all non-wooden materials
  • Heat treating for short term international shipping

The steel frame makes a CalCo shipping container durable. Each container is framed in angle-iron strapping on all edges, thereby withstanding many bangs and bumps that are common, and many of those not-so-common abusive acts of fork-lifting.  Some customers have been using the same shippers for ten or fifiteen years. We provide them painted blue so they stand out in the sea of shippers at a show and are easily located. The hasps are heavy duty and can of course be locked to protect your display.

CalCo also offers international grade (non-wood) shipping containers. These can be sent to any international destination without worrying about getting caught up in a customs battle over the wood content and can help your delivery get there on time. These containers are made from fully tested, stronger than wood materials.