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Downloadable PDF files:McIlrath Automatic Electric Gas Heaters brochure.

General Info – Page 1
Specifications- Page 2


Automatic Electric Gas Heater

  • For flows up to 1,000 CFH
  • Lifetime heating element
  • Unlike ambient devices – not affected by adverse
    atmospheric conditions
  • Heavily insulated… cabinet remains “cool”
  • Completely dry – heat exhange medium is aluminum
  • Flow can be either direction without loss of efficiency
  • Continuous fluid carrying tubing – no internal joints
  • Minimum pressure drop
  • Adjustable units provide double protection against
    electric and thermal overload
  • Mounting bracket furnished as standard CSA approved
Downloadable PDF files:In-line Industrial Gas Heaters brochure.

General Info – Page 1
Specifications – Page 2


In-line Industrial Gas Heater

  • For flows up to 160 CFH
  • Submerged heat source… all the heat goes into
    the block
  • Patented motionless mixer… maximizes heat transfer
  • Safe surface temperature… non-metallic sheath
    insulates and materially reduces surface temperature
    and the posssibility of burns
  • “Potted” insulation… imbeds and gives
    total protection to electrical components.
  • Installs between cylinder and regulator with standard
    regulator wrench. Attach a standard extension cord
    and you’re ready for trouble free service
  • Ends CO2 and other
    industrial gas regulator freeze-ups with dependability,
    safety, efficiency and convenience

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