Fire Department Training Banners

Have you been looking for a Fire Hydrant or Fire Pump Cutaway to fill a requirement for an upcoming inspection? Are you finding the price tag for a full size cutaway to be a bit cost prohibitive? CalCo has just the solution for you:

A 6-foot-tall by 2½-foot-wide,  full-color, vinyl Cutaway Banner may be able to fill in for the real thing.  While the final decision ultimately lies in your inspector’s hands, many times this type of solution is valid, and at a fraction of the cost, only $325.00 each with a portable banner stand included!

Hydrant Cutaway Training Banner


Our Fire Hydrant Cutaway Training Banner is the next best thing to a real hydrant. It has been found that a thorough understanding of the parts and relationships involved in your standard street corner hydrant can be critical when in an emergency situation. This knowledge is most effectively taught through the use of a full size, hands on hydrant, which operates the same way an installed hydrant does. Since real hydrant cutaways are expensive we have created the Hydrant Cutaway banner.  All of the important internal features are prominently displayed in ‘close to full scale’ size, making understanding and visualizing the real thing easier than using a poster size photograph or drawing.


Fire Pump Cutaway Training Banner


Our Fire Pump Cutaway Training Banner shows a full fire pump and also includes close-up highlights showing specific features.

Be sure to check with your inspector or local ISO/State (or whichever organization is running the inspections) to see if this solution will qualify for your location, and then call 847-639-3858 and have your credit card handy to get as many on order as you need for your area.