Frequently Asked Questions

What are CalCo’s full capabilities?

Anything that involves differentiating your product or training your people, we can do! We have the capability to cut virtually all materials from the toughest grade of stainless steel to ceramics, and we can cut materials of any thickness. The physical cutting away of the product can be only half the job. We then finish your product with paint, plating, etc. since the quality of your product is often judged by its physical appearance. Our finish options include top of the line catalyzed automotive finishes, body filled deluxe finishes, nickel/chrome plating, polish or satin chrome, electro less nickel, all other forms of plating, black oxide, and anodizing. We work closely with several case makers who provide us with a variety of solutions to protect, carry and display your products.

We often get involved with the design and development of exhibits and displays and we are open to new innovations. We can engineer unique displays, working models and motorized display stands to further enhance your product. We offer custom fitted, permanent shipping containers that can stand up to the rigors of shipping and repeated tradeshow use. We will design and produce unique printed/collateral materials for trade shows or displays. In addition, we have partners that can help you provide corporate training for your staff and distributors using CD ROM and the Internet. The multimedia courses are available anytime and are helpful to illustrate concepts, increase information retention and test knowledge.

What information does CalCo need to quote a job?

The best and most effective way is to send the part with a description of the work you want done. If your product or part is very large, transportation can be difficult, so a schematic and/or photos with the scale, weight and type of materials will suffice. With this information we can provide an accurate estimate, which can be confirmed upon receipt of the actual product.

What kind of turnaround can we get?

Turnaround varies due to the size of your project and our current schedule. Typical turnaround time is four to six weeks for a medium size cutaway. Whenever physically possible, we will adjust our schedule to meet yours. Tell us when you need your displays, and we will tell you if we can meet your deadline. Once we commit to a show date, you can count on it. No, we don’t have a drive up window, but we’ve come close to it many times.

How do we organize specific shipping requirements?

Communication is key. If you have specific requirements such as shipping to an address separate from a billing address, or if you need an item shipped directly to a trade show or supplier, just let us know.

How do I specify what product characteristics are unique and are focal points to the display?

Your input is very valuable and necessary. Often you will receive the best cutaways if you tell us what features you want to show and leave specific cutting designs up to our skilled technicians. They have the knowledge and experience to show and retain components in both the best and least expensive way. We strive to show as much as possible in one view with as simple a cut as possible.

If I can do all or some of the work in-house, shouldn’t I?

There are three ways of looking at this question:

  1. Financially: Because we specialize in making cutaways and displays, we are experts and very efficient at it. Therefore, it generally takes our technicians far less time to do a cutaway. So, we are almost always less expensive than full or even incremental in-house costs.
  2. Quality Control: We provide all cutting, clearance, finishing and final fitting, plus base mounts and shipping containers. All of these services must be coordinated, anticipating the needs of the others. You should make one organization responsible for your finished product – CalCo!
  3. Resources: Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that is the best use of your resources (time and talent). Most companies are continuously assessing what they should and can do well, and then out-sourcing the rest.