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CalCo can cutaway any product

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A cutaway display can be an important addition to your trade show, sales or training displays.  We cutaway a portion of the product to best display the interior parts, function and design of the product.  These factors can show the unique advantages of your product and can be a key selling or training point. Once visible the difference between your product and your competitors can be more easily seen and understood.

We have the capability to cut virtually all materials from the toughest grade of stainless steel to ceramics, and we can cut materials of any thickness. The physical cutting away of a product is generally less than half of the work that goes into making a finished cutaway. Refinishing the cutaway with paint, plating, etc. is in many cases, the most time consuming aspect of the task. It is time well spent as the quality of your product is often judged by its physical appearance.

A variety of metal finishes can be applied to metal and composite parts to enhance both the look and durability of the parts such as powder coating, enamel paint, epoxy automotive finish and various types of plating

For 70 years CalCo has been a community and industry leader in the metal finishing world, creating world-traveling exhibits and rock solid finishes on a wide variety of production parts. Large or small, when the finish matters choose CalCo.

In order to begin your cutaway project several questions need to be answered:

What will the product be used for: sales, training, trade shows or other? 

The answer to this question will determine what finish level is required and what kind of basemount you will need.

What is the weight, dimensions and material composition of the product? 

This helps us determine the costs, appropriate base and shipping container and the best way to complete your cutaway.

The best way to get a quote for your product is to send it in to us so we can take a look but if your product is too big or that won’t work you can send us photos, spec sheets or any other information available along with the information above and we can work with you to make your product a memorable display.

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