Awards, Gifts and Giveaways

We have found world-renowned master craftsmen specializing in lines of unique, handcrafted corporate gifts. Our accessories such as exotic wood briefcases, letterboxes and unique awards are custom designed to be a memorable gift for a valued employee, distributor or client. We also offer gifts with your corporate logo included like key chains,  luggage, backpacks, ipad cases, hats, golf shirts and more. Call us for a complete list and pricing.

CalCo can create unique awards using your product or logo. We have created personalized magnets, lamps with product cutaways, scale models of products and much more for service rendered awards. These are much more exciting and more memorable than the old gold watch and they provide the recipient with a displayable permanent reminder of the years invested in your company.

We offer corporate gifts, holders for certification awards or promotional items using your product or a lightweight scale model and we can provide giveaway items for your trade show booth. Let us know what you want to do and we will help you find a way to do it!