About Us

Outsource Your Expertise

For over 60 years CalCo has helped hundreds of leading manufacturers present their products in the most professional manner available. CalCo began in the 1950’s creating cutaways, the craft of exposing internal components of durable goods products such as engines, pumps and motors. Since then we have expanded the art of helping products to communicate a message into many eye grabbing areas, such as 3D animation, lightweight modeling, lighted working models and training simulators.

Our goal is to make your job of displaying your product easy whether it is at a trade show, at a sales call or in a training center. We want to provide a customized solution for your product to show it in its best light. Your satisfaction is our first priority.


Mission Statement

  • We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all our customers, suppliers and employees each and every time.
  • We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and will continue to maintain production capabilities that allow us to do so.
  • We will constantly seek and process feedback from all stakeholders regarding past performance to continue to improve our firm day-in and day-out.
  • We are committed to self-directed learning, and will maintain leading edge and innovative problem solving skills and capabilities.
  • We will always keep an open mind regarding new products and services. Our client’s requirements will fuel our product pipelines.
  • We will faithfully serve all stakeholders in an ethical and judicious fashion, at all times with no exceptions.